In 2005, I was translating a huge volume of research interviews and case studies for my clients. Back then, wrist pads weren’t available even on Amazon.com. Even if wrist pads were available, they were certainly not available in Southeast Asia. My wrists would often swell up, they would turn red. Eventually, I had to do something about it as it was and is my profession.

I had a piece of foam at home which I cut and asked my wife to make a cover for it as it looked very bad without a cover. As I began using the wrist pad, the swelling and tingling started reducing. I am still doing translation every day. I am a blogger, reviewer, and a coder. I have to work at a computer all day long. And the wrist pad has kept me going on. In 2015, I decided to make wrist pads for others who work at computers all day long. That’s how the Safewrist wrist pad came into existence. I have designed it for use with laptop/mini keyboards for optimal effect.

I gave up using full-size keyboards a long time ago because a full sized keyboard puts the mouse further away from the body. I have found that wrist problem occurs when using a mouse for more than an hour or so at a time especially when it is placed outside the body.

The wrist pad is 20 inch in size, 4 inches in width and 1.5 inches in thickness. The thickness could be felt like a challenge to get used to in the beginning, but once you do, it will save your wrist, because, it is unanimously accepted that your wrists should be elevated when typing on a keyboard. I have come up with this dimension after trying a lot of other sizes including sizes for full-sized keyboards.

In 2009, I finally settled with this as it was perfect. I believe it will be helpful for all of you who work at a computer all day long. I play online chess a lot at chess.com, it requires using a mouse. The wrist pad saves my wrists from stresses.