Safewrist Wrist Pad

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Welcome to! SafeWrist Wrist pad is a wrist-friendly pad designed for people who work at computers all day long. It has the following benefits:

SafeWrist wristpad
Safewrist wrist pad keeps your wrists safe against prolonged use of keyboard and mouse

Benefits of using SafeWrist wrist pad

It helps you avoid RSI, CTS, and other wrist injuries caused by repetitive keyboard and mouse usage for longer periods every day. The SafeWrist wrist pad has been in use for more than a decade and went through many changes about the materials and the dimensions to make it the most suitable wrist pad.

It is washable and long lasting.

Made with Apex foam, and thick export-quality coercion-free cloth that doesn’t only make it look appealing but makes it feel good too.

It is foldable, portable, and elegant in look and design. You can use the wrist pad at home and at the office.

You can get used to with it in less than 30 minutes.

Could be a great choice for your children who use computers for learning or gaming. The earlier you introduce it to them, the earlier you save them from future wrist related problems.

Four colors to choose from.

No need to buy extra wrist pad for the mouse.

Safewrist wrist pad
Safewrist wrist pad elevates your wrists to a height which is natural for the safety of your wrists

Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries due to using a keyboard and/or mouse for extensive period repetitively is not unknown anymore. Millions of people around the world use computers for at least 3 hours a day, during which their hands remain on the keyboard and mouse. There are many ways to prevent wrist injuries resulting from using keyboard and mouse on the desk. However, due to the lack of research in this area, most information we get about it varies from sources to sources.

Some suggest using a wrist pad, some say don’t. Some doctors suggest using a vertical mouse, while others do not even mention that. Such variations in the opinions of physicists and lack of a single suggestion about the recommended way of using keyboard and mouse for prolonged hours only indicate a lack of research in the area.

However, there are some unanimously accepted practices ensuring safety from wrist injuries, sitting diseases and other syndromes that occur due to prolonged use of keyboard and mouse (such as RSI or Repetitive Stress Injury, carpel tunnel syndrome, though much debated). I have shared this below:

Safewrist wrist pad
Safewrist wrist pad is made of best quality foam and fabric

For using keyboard

Your wrists should be in a neutral position when typing.

Do not bend your wrists toward your little finger.

Your wrist must not bend toward your thumb.

Don’t bend your wrist in a downward direction for resting or temporary comfort.

Safewrist wrist pad
Safewrist wrist pad also covers you for mouse use

For using mouse

Use of mouse for prolonged hours can cause more stress to your wrist than what a keyboard might cause. So, be very careful when using the mouse. People who use a full keyboard with Numpad fall victim to such mouse use related stresses than those who use built-in laptop keyboard or USB laptop size keyboards.

It is because the full-sized keyboard takes more space pushing the mouse further away from body demanding an unnatural position of your arms and wrist while using the mouse. We highly recommend using laptop-size keyboards, or mini keyboard instead of full-sized keyboards.

We also highly recommend using a separate keyboard with your laptop rather than using the laptop keyboard itself, it will not only increase your laptop’s built-in keyboard’s life, it will also save you from wrist injuries.

Safewrist wrist pad

The mouse should be placed at a position where you can easily access it and it doesn’t require any unnatural position for your hand to reach out to the mouse.

Don’t bend your wrists toward left or right or downward when using the mouse.

Make sure the keyboard tray of your computer desk/table doesn’t have a ridge at its front.

Buy computer tables that are ergonomically designed.

Most importantly

Take a break every 30 minutes. Stand up. Stretch a little. Try folding and unfolding your wrists and fingers and do a little exercise of arms. You may also want to wash your eyes every two hours if you look at your monitor for more than 3 hours a day.

If you follow these instructions, you will reduce any risk of stress caused by repetitive use of keyboard and mouse for prolonged hours.

Wrong ways of using keyboard and mouse

The following pictures show unnatural positioning of wrists while using mouse and keyboard. Using mouse and keyboard in the following ways will put excessive pressure on your wrists. Always try to avoid such position.

Position of the Wrists are bad
Wrists are bent inward!
Improper way of using keyboard and mouse
Wrists are bent outward!
Wrong way of using keyboard
Wrists are rested on desk!
Right way of using keyboard
Proper way of using keyboard
Safewrist wrist pad

Wrists are raised off the surface of the keyboard and are safely rested on the wrist pad
Safewrist wrist pad
Proper way of using keyboard and mouse with Safewrist wrist pad


Dimensions: 20-inch x 4-inch x 1.5 inch
Materials: Apex Foam, Export quality fabric
Washable, long-lasting.